Corporate Sustainability Handprint®

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One particular challenge we face is keeping an eye on corporate sustainability at almost 100 locations worldwide. This is where our Corporate Sustainability Handprint® (CSH) makes a key contribution. The CSH is a management tool that enables us to efficiently and systematically measure our corporate sustainability performance in our partner countries. We use it to continuously develop our sustainability profile in our offices around the world.

The CSH enables us to calculate not only our ecological footprint but also our ‘handprint’, by which we mean the positive contribution that GIZ makes in the four dimensions of sustainability.

But how does the CSH work? GIZ's offices in Germany and abroad compile key data on sustainability performance such as carbon dioxide emissions resulting from official travel, water consumption or the percentage of management posts held by women. Every two years, a CSH team in each country assesses the results and on this basis the GIZ country office sets itself targets for sustainable action. Some countries for example set environmental priorities and install solar power systems on top of their offices or establish car-sharing schemes. Other countries increase the proportion of locally procured products, or plan action days on how to stay healthy at work. This is how we use the CSH to improve our corporate sustainability on a country-specific basis. Since 2016 GIZ has been implementing the CSH in all offices in its partner countries around the globe.


GIZ's Corporate Sustainability Handprint