Stakeholder management and dialogue

GIZ involves social stakeholders in strategic issues. 

GIZ’s activities have both a direct and an indirect impact on social actors, who are GIZ’s stakeholders. It is therefore crucial that the company involves these stakeholders in strategic issues. 

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Since 2016, GIZ has been running a Stakeholder Dialogue on Sustainability. It engages in active exchange with representatives from politics, the private sector, academia and civil society as well as its own staff.

The results show that stakeholders’ expectations are in line with GIZ’s own approach. The most important issue in strategic terms remains climate change, as this is the area where GIZ can have the greatest impact.

GIZ takes the recommendations and expectations of its stakeholders seriously. Its sustainability management is focused on embedding their views systematically in corporate processes and on reporting on progress. The results of the Stakeholder Dialogue also play an important role in reporting and the further development of the Sustainability Programme.

Further information

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