Stakeholder dialogue

As a sustainable company, we take the participation of our interest groups and opportunities for exchange very seriously. In 2016, we launched an intensive dialogue with our stakeholders to find out what representatives from the fields of politics, business, the academic and scientific community and civil society expect from GIZ’s sustainability management. At the same time, this dialogue represents a strategic sustainability management tool. Every two years we invite our stakeholders to voice their requests, expectations and criticism both in an online survey and at a one-day event.

The results show that they consider the credibility of our actions and communication to be a central requirement for our work. The open dialogue platform is also highly appreciated. In addition, our interest groups made it clear that they would like GIZ to play a pioneering role as a sustainable company. For our stakeholders, environmental protection and climate change mitigation are key for GIZ´s sustainability management. This holds true both for the projects we carry out and for policies within the company. At the same time, our stakeholders advise us to focus more on the needs and empowerment of our cooperation partners in Germany and abroad.

The results of the Stakeholder Dialogue play an important role for our reporting and the further development of our Sustainability Programme. This, in turn, is a vital part of GIZ´s overarching Corporate Strategy.

Further Information

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