Management Board’s declaration on compliance at GIZ

Responsible behaviour and compliance with the regulatory framework underpins every aspect of GIZ’s work and its credibility. Our workforce is bound by this principle – as are we, GIZ’s Management Board. We consider it to be our duty to uphold compliance with rules, laws, guidelines and codes, to let our personal actions serve as examples of proper behaviour and to firmly anchor compliance in our corporate culture.

GIZ makes every effort to actively prevent and combat corruption. Violations will not be tolerated and penalised accordingly. In our role as managing directors, we work hard to ensure this at GIZ.

Information about possible violations or abuses helps us to meet our high compliance standards. We expressly call on our workforce, cooperation partners, business partners and also the general public to report any suspected cases. Our whistleblowing system has been set up for this very purpose. Any information reported is examined carefully and treated confidentially.

The Compliance Management System is part of GIZ’s corporate culture. It ensures that we are accountable for the funds entrusted to us, which we handle with integrity and in compliance with the rules. GIZ has not only set the bar high for itself, but also for its cooperation partners, subcontractors and commissioning parties.