Moverity – Digital Data for Mobility

Project description

Title: Moverity – Digital Data for Mobility
Financier: Toyota Daihatsu Engineering & Manufacturing Co.Ltd. (TDEM)
Countries: Thailand
Overall term: 2019 to 2020

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The region of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has become one of the world’s largest car and motorcycle markets as vehicle ownership grows with economic development and rising incomes. In addition, several ASEAN member states (AMS) are successfully promoting national automotive industry development. However, fuel efficiency of the vehicle fleet still lacks behind the international level.

In order to increase international competitiveness and reduce the environmental burden of car travel, ASEAN Member States have started to introduce domestic policies to promote improvements in the energy efficiency of vehicles. In order to design sound policies for a sustainable transport sector, adequate data needs to be collected. Key data to be collected includes the number of vehicles, distance travelled, and fuel consumption. While the number of vehicles and distances travelled are available in most countries, statistics on fuel consumption is scant at best and usually only covers so-called “stated fuel economy” and not real-world fuel economy (FE).

Moverity addresses this lack of real world data and aims at enabling consumers and policy makers to make informed choices based on real world, transparent fuel consumption data. Moverity crowd-sources real-word fuel consumption data of car users and provides tips to drivers on how to reduce fuel consumption by eco-driving techniques.

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Moverity provides a platform for real-world fuel consumption data collection in the ASEAN region.


The project has in three work packages: 

Work package 1 aims at the development of a fuel economy platform with digital communication channels to provide the user with convenient means of data entry, including a web portal, a mobile application and a chatbot. 

Work package 2 focuses on outreach, with the aim to make the tool widely known to potential users and car drivers.

Work package 3 looks at sustainable operating and financing options for the platform.

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The Moverity platform and chatbot have been fully developed and are ready to use for consumers. They have been soft-launched at the 10th Better Air Quality in Asia Conference in Kuching, Malaysia, in November 2018. A promotional video is available. The current phase focuses on the improvement of some technical features, development of an app, outreach and sustainability.

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