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GIZ's Development Service seconds committed and experienced experts to German development cooperation programmes around the globe. Its development workers are in the thick of the action, working directly with governmental and civil society organisations. With their professionalism, experience and intercultural sensitivity, they support and build the capacities of the local population.

GIZ development workers are embedded in a tight-knit network in their countries of assignment. This network revolves around GIZ's offices in its more than 130 partner countries, which act as the 'nerve centres' for programme-based activities. Development workers can rely on GIZ's skilled staff members on site to support their work at partner organisations.

GIZ is the largest organisation – and the only state body – of the seven development services in Germany that are recognised by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Anyone can apply to work as a development worker for GIZ Development Service, regardless of their religious beliefs or affiliations, provided they are a citizen of Switzerland, Germany or another EU country.

GIZ has over 50 years' experience in selecting, briefing and supporting experienced professionals, both women and men.

In the thick of the action

Development workers liaise directly with people at the grassroots level in a spirit of partnership. They combine sectoral and intercultural expertise with social engagement. Assigned within the framework of bilateral technical cooperation projects at the request of partner organisations and in direct contact with the target groups, they are in the thick of the action at the municipal and grassroots level with local authorities and civil society organisations. Although development workers can be assigned in all sectors, strengthening civil society structures constitutes a strong focus of their work. As a result, they underpin the work of GIZ experts at the national and regional levels, at ministries, local authorities and in the private sector. Looking at the bigger picture, GIZ as a company therefore promotes dialogue and networking between the state, civil society and the private sector, enabling the comprehensive transfer of experience and know-how.

Developmental worker are experts with limited- term secondments

Development workers are experts who make their specific professional and sectoral skills, experience and expertise available to organisations in partner countries for a limited period. They are assigned on the basis of the German Development Workers Act (EhfG) and receive a service contract rather than an employment contract. Please consult our jobs page for more details on employment conditions for development workers.

Returning development workers help to actively raise awareness of development policy and promote openness and tolerance in German society.

Following the field assignment: Spreading the word

A development worker's work is not completed when they finish an assignment. On their return to their home country, they can continue to set change processes in motion by encouraging others to take action too. By so doing, they promote equitable globalisation. Communicating knowledge and experience to others in their countries of origin is a key element of what development workers do on their return. They therefore immerse themselves in education work, in associations to promote partnership with foreign countries or in other development-related work.

Development worker on their work

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