Civil Peace Service

The Civil Peace Service (CPS) is a programme aimed at preventing violence and promoting peace in crisis zones and conflict regions. It seeks to build a world in which conflicts are resolved without resorting to violence. Nine German peace and development organisations run the CPS together with local partners. The CPS is funded by the German Government.

CPS experts provide long-term support to people on the ground working to promote dialogue, human rights and peace. There are currently more than 300 international CPS experts operating in over 40 countries.

Alongside the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, which is a government-owned agency, the following organisations are members of the CPS Consortium:

  • Action Committee Service for Peace (AGDF)
  • Association for Development Cooperation (AGEH)
  • Bread for the World (BfdW)
  • EIRENE International Christian Service for Peace
  • Civil Peace Service Forum (forumZFD)
  • KURVE Wustrow Centre for Training and Networking in Nonviolent Action
  • Peace Brigades International (pbi)
  • Weltfriedensdienst (WFD – World Peace Service)

The variety of agencies involved makes it possible to combine diverse experiences and contacts, as well as different resources, approaches, skills and methods. Shared values and principles and a shared vision and mission guide the work of all the parties involved.